Four Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for an Environmentally Friendly Concrete Cutter

If you care about the environment, you likely bring those concerns into everything you do, and if you are hiring someone to cut and remove concrete around your property, there are ways to ensure it is done in an environmentally friendly way. Here are some ideas to help you:

1. Electric tools

When you hire someone to cut concrete for you, they are going to use a range of tools for the job, including special saws and jackhammers. Most of these tools are available in gas and electric-powered versions. If you don't want to create as many fumes or toxins, opt for a company that uses electric tools as often as possible.

2. Depth of removal

Concrete slows the natural absorption of water by the ground, and if you are removing concrete to create a lawn or a natural area, you want to ensure you remove all of it. If you don't, water won't necessarily be able to run over the area as it should.

Before hiring someone to cut your concrete, talk with them about how deep their equipment allows them to go. You want to ensure they can remove all of the concrete, regardless of its depth.

3. Environmentally friendly slurry removal

If you are putting in any new concrete to replace the concrete that has been removed, you may end up with extra slurry. Slurry is the name of the leftover, unset concrete and water mixture. You cannot just throw slurry down drains or in storm drains, and you certainly do not want to hire a concrete contractor who would do that.

Ideally, you want to hire a contractor who has the right tools and materials to mix the slurry with a substance that will separate the concrete from the water. That way, you can put the water back into the water supply. Then, the contractor you hire should add a stabiliser that hardens the remaining ingredients so you can safely put them in a landfill.

4. Reuse of old concrete

Instead of sending the concrete you remove to the landfill, break it down and reuse it for other projects. Chunks of broken or cut concrete can be used to create interesting patios or walkways. If you don't personally have a use for it, look for a concrete cutting company who is willing to take the old, broken concrete for you and find someone to repurpose it.

Keep these tip in mind as you contact local concrete cutting companies and ask them about their process and costs.