Some Important Questions to Ask a Concreting Service Before Work Begins

Whether it's putting down a new driveway or pouring concrete for a new patio, it's always good to have this work done by a professional. They can ensure the finished job is level and even as needed, and that there is proper drainage around the new concrete so that it doesn't soften over the years due to moisture buildup. If you've never hired a concreting service before, you want to ensure you know what to expect and some questions to ask.

This will ensure the job gets done right and that you actually choose the best type of concrete for your particular needs:

1. Can you use recycled concrete?

If you're very Eco-conscious, choose a concreting service that uses a large percentage of recycled concrete. While harvesting the materials for concrete is somewhat easy on the environment, adding old concrete to a new mixture can cut down on the need for virgin materials. It can also keep concrete out of landfills, opening up space that can be used for items that cannot be recycled. Ask your concreting service if they use recycled concrete and how much they add to the mix so your new concrete pouring job is as environmentally friendly as possible.

2. Can you add aggregates to visible concrete?

Aggregates are additives to a concrete mixture that may give it a bumpier texture and appearance. Aggregates may be added to new driveways and walkways to provide traction during winter months or for when the pavement is wet. These can also make the concrete more attractive, if you were to choose aggregates that look like pebbles or colored glass.

Before you decide that plain, drab concrete is the only solution for your home, ask about aggregates that can improve your property's overall curb appeal and even make those walkways and driveways safer for you.

3. Will heavy-duty concrete be necessary?

If you own a large truck, camper, or SUV, you want to ask your concreting service about heavy-duty or high-strength concrete. This type of concrete has a different mixture of materials and is meant to withstand the heavier weight of these types of vehicles. Don't assume that "concrete is concrete" if you have any type of large vehicles or heavily-loaded vehicles that will be going up and down your driveway. Instead, be sure you know the weight of your vehicles and note this with your concreting service, and ask if a heavy-duty or high-strength concrete will be necessary on your property.

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