Why Asphalt May Be a Better Choice Than Concrete for Your New Driveway

Before you put down a new driveway or walkways around your home, you want to carefully consider the benefits of both asphalt and concrete. These are the two most common materials used for driveways, and since the material and the work will need to last for years, you want to invest the time needed beforehand to make the right choice for your home.

Note a few reasons why asphalt may be the better choice, especially considering the climate where you live:

1. Asphalt repairs are easier

Both asphalt and concrete will eventually need repairs, but asphalt repairs are often easier than repairing concrete. If your driveway were to suffer a major crack in the concrete, you may need to have an entire section torn up and then repaved, or have new concrete mixed to fill in that trough or break. Cracks and breaks in concrete are also more unsightly than any cracks in asphalt.

Asphalt repairs are typically much easier and often involve a mix or sealant you can get at the home improvement store, and also apply on your own. This can mean less cost, less hassle, and a faster repair job than with concrete.

2. Asphalt holds up better under heavy vehicles

Do you have a heavy-duty truck, camper, or other heavy vehicle? If so, asphalt may flex and bend better under its weight than concrete. Concrete is very brittle and may crack under the weight of a heavy vehicle, whereas asphalt will simply shift and bend with that weight. For truck owners or those who own campers, choose asphalt, and especially if you live in a very cold climate. The cold weather can make concrete even more brittle and more prone to cracking.

3. Absorbs stains better

A concrete driveway with oil leaks and other stains can be very unsightly. Asphalt absorbs grease and oil and other such fluids more easily and stains are not as noticeable. If you work on your car in your driveway or typically have older cars that always seem to be leaking a fluid of one sort or another, asphalt can be a more attractive choice, and especially if you use this material all the way into your home's garage. It's also good to think about asphalt versus painted concrete for this very reason; you may pay extra for a paint color for your concrete only to find it gets ruined by one oil leak. The darker color of asphalt can look better and then also maintain its appearance against stains better than concrete.

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