Concrete Kerbing: Why You Should Consider it for Your Commercial Premises

Installing a border around landscaped areas is very important. It can help to stop weeds from spreading into a landscaped garden while also providing an attractive contrast between landscaped areas and lawns. If you are currently considering whether or not to install concrete kerbing on your commercial premises to act as a border for landscaped areas, you may be wondering about the benefits it may bring. Below is a brief guide to the benefits of installing concrete kerbing on your commercial premises.

Concrete kerbing is highly versatile

Because concrete begins life as a liquid, it can be poured to any depth and in any shape, curve or angle you require without any impact on the integrity of the substance. Trying to curve a straight piece of plastic or rubber so it fits the shape of your border can be very difficult. Another example of the versatility of concrete kerbing is the fact that it can be easily coloured or stamped with decorative designs, allowing you to perfectly match it with the rest of your commercial premises. This is something that is difficult to achieve using the limited number of colours available for plastic and rubber borders.

Concrete kerbing traps moisture

Because concrete kerbing can be poured deep into the ground it is possible to use it as a dam which will help to keep moisture trapped in a certain area of soil. This will ensure that the roots of any plants stay moist and healthy. Other materials used to construct borders such as plastic and rubber are usually supplied in set sizes and depths, which is normally only enough to keep them in place but not enough to prevent moisture loss from the soil.

Concrete kerbing is very durable

When compared to plastic or rubber, concrete is an extremely durable material. If a gardener were to hit a plastic or rubber border with their lawnmower, it is highly likely that the material would be chipped and damaged. However, a concrete kerb can survive blows from a wide range of garden equipment such as weed trimmers and edgers. Concrete kerbing will also help to prevent animals from digging up the border of your lawn and causing damage to landscaped areas of your property.

If you require any further information about concrete kerbing and its suitability for your commercial premises, you should contact a professional concrete kerbing company. They will be able to offer further help and assistance.